Unwind Directions

Unwind directions specify how the label rolls are produced so that the labels are facing in the right direction during label application. It is not really important if the labels are hand-applied however if the labels are machine-applied it is another matter. Because if the unwind direction is incorrect, the label application machines may dispense the labels up-side down on the  containers so it is very important that you give us the correct unwind direction. Please refer to your label application machine or barcode printer user manual for the information.

8 Unwind Directions

There are 8 possible unwind directions. Four unwind directions have the labels facing outside and the other four have the labels facing inside. When you place an order, please specify the number that corresponds to the unwind direction according to the diagram below.


1) Labels face OUTSIDE, BOTTOM of copy dispenses first
2) Labels face OUTSIDE, TOP of copy dispenses first
3) Labels face OUTSIDE, LEFT of copy dispenses first
4) Labels face OUTSIDE, RIGHT of copy dispenses first
5) Labels face INSIDE, BOTTOM of copy dispenses first
6) Labels face INSIDE, TOP of copy dispenses first
7) Labels face INSIDE, LEFT of copy dispenses first
8) Labels face INSIDE, RIGHT of copy dispenses first